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Do I Need A Coach?

Are you thinking about leaving your partner or relationship, but do not know whether this is right for you or not? Just separated from a partner, or post breakup or divorce and feel stuck and unable to move forward past all of the negative emotions that are understandably there? Are you wanting to try dating again but are unsure of how to spot the red flags and so not repeat the same patterns? 


If you are answering yes to one or more of these questions, then you could benefit from speaking to me. I am here to help you, so why not have a free no-obligation chat with me for 15 minutes to see if we can work together? You really have nothing to lose.

What Is Coaching?

Breakup and Divorce Coaching helps you focus on your future.  It can be beneficial if you are feeling stuck or need some help in learning where you want to go in life following the end of your relationship. This could involve setting and achieving goals, and navigating life changes, such as those that come during any breakup or divorce. 


As a Breakup and Divorce Coach, I support people, with empathy and understanding, to cope with any kind of breakup, turn their pain into power and move forward into the future that they want to live - it’s about finding a way to positively ‘thrive’ instead of simply ‘survive’.

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