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I’m Vanessa, an Accredited Breakup and Divorce Master Coach.  I understand the challenges of going through divorce and breakups because I have been there, where you are right now. But I am proof that you can come out the other side to lead a happy and fulfilled life, free of the negative emotions and feelings associated with separation, breakup, or divorce.

Where have I come from professionally? I am a Dietitian with a Nutrition degree; more recently however I have worked in Education and I am also a trained Crisis Counsellor which I do on a voluntary basis currently. I am experienced at working with neurodivergent individuals


I have four wonderful children, a dog, I lead a full life and most importantly, I am happy.  That all sounds very pleasant and simple but believe me, getting to this place hasn’t been. I am divorced after a long marriage and I have lived through years of a coercively controlling, highly toxic relationship, which as is so common, continued post-separation. I thought it was never going to end. But it did and it can for you too. 


Whatever your breakup story I want to support you on your own journey to wherever it is that you want to get to, which is different for everyone.

Vanessa White Breakup and Divorce Coach and Dog

Why did I become a Breakup and Divorce Coach?


I was heartbroken, sad, alone, had no confidence or self-belief and thought I would never be in charge of my own life or happy again. I don’t want others to stay stuck feeling like I did, continually spiralling down. It would have meant everything if I had had someone like me offering support while I was going through my difficult divorce. Someone to not only support me emotionally, but also give practical techniques and strategies on how to start gradually turning things around; to shine a light on the issues and shift my focus so I could climb upwards instead of freefalling.  I would love to be that person for you.


That’s why I have trained to become an Accredited Breakup and Divorce Coach Master Practitioner. I am passionate about using both my unique personal experiences and my expert knowledge gained through training and accreditation to support and inspire others like you to make positive changes to build a better, happier future. 

What About You?


You are the reason I do this. Although every breakup is different with a unique set of circumstances, I can empathise and understand your hurdles and the emotional rollercoaster you might be experiencing. My training also allows me to give you techniques and strategies to help you get results. Whatever stage of your breakup, I can work with you – before you actually separate, if you and your partner have just separated, or it’s years after your breakup or divorce and you feel stuck and just cannot move forward.


You deserve to feel supported. No one should feel alone with no idea which way to turn. In my experience, it is not JUST about getting the emotions in check, but it is also leaning HOW you can change things and that is where I come in. How do you feel about giving it a go and working with me? I believe this is your chance to get clarity, take control, take your power back and create the brighter, happier future that you want.

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